Approach – CSI

At GeoDD, we approach your problems by identifying the Challenge, Solution, resulting Impacts (CSI) and insights needed to determine a strong resolution.  For example:

Challenge: Find a site for a new healthcare clinic that effectively supports the patient population at highest risk.

  • What are the core challenges?
  • What is the problem the client wants to solve?
  • Is the facility accessible by multiple modes of transportation?
  • What are the current and future health conditions that the clinic needs to support?
  • Are all characteristics of the local community population being considered and served including diverse education, socio-economics, age and ethnicity?

To efficiently and cost-effectively identify the optimal clinic location, stakeholders need to 1) fully understand the populations to be served and 2) know the drivers that affect their behaviors and why.

Solution: Conduct the analysis and determine what do we do to eliminate our client’s pain.

  • Identify and exploit big data including regional economics, health needs and healthcare gaps
  • Analyze past, current and future patient health condition trends from any and all relevant data sources
  • Convert and convey complex analysis through a dynamic series of reports, maps and interactive dashboards that clearly explain and facilitate understanding of the decisions being made

GeoDD analyzes, assembles, maps and disseminates its findings allowing a better and more complete understanding of what really should drive critical decisions. Interactive visualizations convert spreadsheets and data bases to concepts and insights that are easy to see and understand.

Impact: Better access to health services results in a healthier community and effectively changes the direction and trajectory of a health organization in positive way.

  • Easy access to critically needed services provides local populations quality care
  • Patients receive timely care before conditions become critical requiring more expensive treatments at larger healthcare facilities
  • Overall community health services costs are reduced as the local population becomes healthier

Our team can deliver results from the full analysis that will provide more accurate insight into the current resource requirements of the community, easier planning and support for future community health needs and cost savings associated with more efficient use of funding and material resources.